2021-01-05 11:00

O comme… Oublier
Par Frédéric Sos - 2 janvier 2021

"Bien vite oublier l'année 2020 !"

Lors d'une communication à ses équipes à la fin du mois de décembre dernier, la dirigean [...]

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La 38ème session de One's Day aura lieu à Paris le jeudi 4 mars prochain.

Cette mise en situation pour dirigeants permet à chacun de ses participants d'explorer finement les ca [...]

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2020-04-24 16:00

T, as in… Taking a stance
By Frédéric Sos - April 22nd, 2020
"In an uncertain environment, being able to take a stance is critical!"

What's an appropriate response to Pre [...]

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2020-04-03 14:00

We hope you enjoy our tenth post in this series, to be published on April 22nd : T, as in Taking a Stance.

For 25 years, we've been working closely with executive teams, we've been [...]

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2020-03-27 14:35

W, as in… War Room
By Frédéric Sos - March 27th 2020

"The Executive Committee is gathering in the War Room!"

Should I be taking advantage of this period of self-isolation to wri [...]

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2020-03-04 10:35

G, as in... Golf
By Frédéric Sos - February 28th 2020

"I'll be a good manager when I'm able to spend my days on the golf course!"

William is an outstanding manager. He s [...]

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2020-01-31 19:10

V, as in... Values
By Frédéric Sos - January 17th 2020

"Explaining our values creates a bond!"

I'm surprised to note the alacrity with which executive teams undertake t [...]

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2019-11-20 08:45

F, as in… Focusing on uncertainty
By Frédéric Sos - November 20th 2019

"If it doesn't snow, we won't be selling skis"

July 1991… I'm just a young, fresh-faced consu [...]

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2019-11-11 22:25

C, as in… Cohesion
By Frédéric SOS - November 11th 2019

"Despite it all, we do get on well!"

The atmosphere was pretty tense for this first meeting with the all-male senior man [...]

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2019-10-24 18:05

N, as in… Negative phrasing
By Frédéric SOS - October 22, 2019

"This year, we'll get out of the red!"

5 years after its launch, this startup, originally an int [...]

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2019-09-25 12:15

P, as in... Problems
By Frédéric SOS - September 21, 2019

"We're here to solve problems!"

... is the answer I got a few weeks back after quizzing the audience during t [...]

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2019-07-25 21:30

By Frédéric SOS - July 26, 2019

"The ExCom serves as the decision-making body!"

I especially appreciated my initial contact with senior management. For some ten y [...]

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2019-07-17 18:00

by Frédéric SOS - July 15, 2019

"The problem here is that we have no real strategy!"

Sitting atop the list of arguments intended to excuse a disappointing p [...]

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2019-04-15 04:50

Did you say "Courage"?

This article on courage was written almost 13 years ago by Véronique Chabanis, at the time Director of Human Resources with a leading company in the field of [...]

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